Guide to Build Muscular strength Naturally !

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More strength is more muscle. The heavier the weights you lift, the stronger your body becomes, and the bigger your muscles grow. Your muscles increase in size so they can lift heavier weights. This is why strength is size – lift heavy weights and you’ll gain muscle mass naturally.

How to Build Muscle?

Train Under an Hour

You should be keeping whichever program you are doing to no more than 1 hour of duration. Be sure that you are focusing on keeping the intensity high rather than making the workout drag on. Plus, there’s no research that says marathon training sessions are better for muscle growth. Focus on keeping your rest periods under a minute and limit the small talk with other gym members.

Make Eating a Habit

Your body is pre-programmed with your genetic disposition. And in your case, you have a very fast metabolism that digests and burns calories quickly. Focus on having 5-6 calorie-dense meals a day spaced 2-3 hours apart so that your body is constantly being provided with something to metabolize and build muscle.

Stop Relying On Supplements

You have to understand; a supplement is exactly as the name implies. It is not going to make or break your gains in the gym. The only supplements I recommend are protein powder and perhaps some Gatorade after workouts.

Take It Easy

Learn to relax a bit more and try to limit activity outside of the gym as much as possible when outside of the gym so that your energy is put forth to good use.

Understand Caloric Surplus

Most people think they are eating a lot and you just may be. But no matter what you are eating, if you are not gaining, you are not eating enough. Most times, you should re-evaluate your diet as well and focus on more calorie dense foods. But you need to eat more if you are not gaining.

Focus On Progression

As mentioned above, your workouts should really be under an hour if even that. But the main take-home principle is to make sure you are progressing at a workout. It’s so simple yet so many people screw it up. They put in more volume and more until their workouts are at about 2 hours.

Change Rep Range Every 3-4 Weeks

Unless you are making great gains and progressing like nobody’s business, I would suggest changing the rep range every 4-6 weeks to avoid plateaus. Changing the rep range will make your body adapt to the new stress causing you to gain weight in the form of muscle.

Consider A Mass Gainer

A mass gainer is basically calories in the form of a shake. So instead of having rice, veggies, and chicken, you could replace with a shake.

These are another option for between meals. But make sure you have three meals of real food and no more than three of these gainer shakes.

Always keep these things in mind:

  • Calories are Key, But They’re Not Everything.
  • Concentrate on Protein diet.
  • Always Stay Hydrated.
  • Mass Gains Vary by Individual so choose wisely and accordingly.

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